If you are looking for Pottery Classes in Northeast Georgia then you have come to the right place!

Claudia is a self-taught artist who discovered the medium of clay in 1971.


As a teacher, "I like students to find their own voice", Claudia says. In her classes, everyone learns at their own pace. She teaches students the basics and helps them hone their skills as they go along.


"I love to see people work with clay and enjoy themselves," Claudia says. "If you're not having fun, THAT'S when you're doing something wrong!"


Claudia has been influential in teaching most of the working potters in the region. Her personalized and caring attention to students creates a friendly and fun atmosphere for learning. 


In addition to offering a variety of retail selections and classes, Dirt Bag Pottery also sells clay and dry glazes. Stop in and check out our selection of your pottery needs and meet owner and master potter Claudia George a.k.a "Dr. Dirt".